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Q-Lab Is Now Recognized By Energy Star For Testing Roofing Products
Posted: 23/02/2018 This expands upon Q-Lab’s existing certification as a Cool Roof Rating Council.

Q-Lab Adds New Calibration Accreditations in Germany and China
Posted: 23/02/2018 Q-Lab expands its capabilities worldwide for ISO/IEC 17025 calibration.

Mike Crewdson Elected Vice Chair Of ASTM G03 Committee On Weathering And Durability
Posted: 17/11/2017 Mike Crewdson, Managing Director for Q-Lab Corporation’s worldwide testing services, has been elected Vice Chair of the ASTM G03 Committee on Weathering and Durability.

Q-Lab Expanding Several Facilities around the World
Posted: 28/08/2017 Q-Lab is kicking off building and renovation projects at several of its locations.


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