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  • Ski Safety Netting Ski Safety Netting
    Using a QUV accelerated weathering tester, a leader in the ski safety netting industry conducted laboratory UV exposure testing on two commonly used netting materials in the industry.
  • Household Detergent Cleaner Household Detergent Cleaner
    With a Q-SUN Xe-3 xenon test chamber and outdoor behind-glass testing at Q-Lab Florida, a global leader in the consumer products industry conducted a set of tests on UV-inhibited and uninhibited detergent cleaners, to look for color changes.
  • Synthetic Fibers Synthetic Fibers
    A major global manufacturer and supplier of synthetic textiles was looking to use their Q-SUN Xe-3 to optimize the amount of UV stabilizers in their formulation, for internal cost-reduction purposes.
  • Automotive Paint & Coatings Automotive Paint & Coatings
    One of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive clear-coats and their automotive OEM began to notice a problem of small, permanent spots appearing on cars arriving through shipping ports near Jacksonville, Florida. They determined that the spots were acid etch marks cause by air pollution in the area.
  • Architectural Decorative Coatings Architectural Decorative Coatings
    Decoral America had an interest in having its product classified as a “High Performance Material” and used Q-Lab's outdoor testing services to achieve the certification.
  • Plastics Testing Plastics Testing
    Impact Solutions saw an opportunity to close a gap left in the weathering test marketplace for plastics.




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