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Testimonials are from actual Q-Lab customers from across the globe.
“I was changing the filter on the UV ageing chamber and recalibrating it and the instructions to do this were brilliant. It was so easy to find the relevant section, there were photos showing how to carry it out and the instructions were concise and clear. I was very impressed and the teams responsible must have put a lot of work into it to get it so good. It is easily one of the best instruction manuals I have ever used.”
Thomas D. – Employee of a Higher Education Institution
"I felt like I was talking to the right person to handle my problem! Service should be friendly, helpful, and competent, and your customer service was just that! This had to be said."
Peter E. – Employee of a Leading Ink Manufacturer
"I attended the Q-Lab Basics of Weathering & Light Stability seminar in the fall of 2010 (Atlanta airport area). The topics discussed in the seminar helped me gain a greater understanding of how our injection-molded plastic parts degrade due to the elements. We sent multiple injection-molded prototype parts to Q-Lab for accelerated testing. The results we received helped us determine the best material and molding process for the new design. The parts also went into long term testing and were compared to the accelerated test samples for a correlation at regular intervals. I highly recommend this seminar for engineers & managers alike."
Justin P., R&D Design Engineer – Manufacturer of Irrigation Implements
“Q-Lab's customer service department is world-class - the team is always extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I will certainly spread the word about your great service.”
John W., Operations Manager – Plastics Services Provider
"Our four Q-SUN Xe-3-HBS testers produce very good results. They are much easier to calibrate and are very user-friendly, they have much lower operating costs, and the lamps are extremely easy to change. We like the fact that the glass filters never need to be changed. I would recommend your equipment to anyone that is considering doing weathering testing."
Kevin A., Senior Product Manager – Leading Test Services Provider
"I appreciate your precise and immediate response to questions. Waiting a week or two for answers to questions and selling on reputation alone does not cut it with me. From the responsiveness experienced to-date, I believe that if I have a problem [with my Q-FOG corrosion tester], I will be able to resolve it quickly and get it working. I also believe if I have technical problems in the methods, I would get better help from you than I got the feeling I would from any one else out there."
Anthony F., Technical Manager - North American Leader in Coil Coating/Building Products
"First, I am very happy with the Q-SUN Xe-3-HS tester's ease of use. The lamps are very easy to change and the unit is very easy to calibrate. Overall, the tester by the nature of its design is much simpler to use and maintain. Secondly, your tester has much lower operating costs. The lamps are priced fairly and the tester's air cooled design eliminates the use of deionized water for lamp cooling. Finally, I am very impressed with your customer service and technical support. Your company is much more attentive to us as a customer."
Chris N., Business Manager – Manufacturer of Fluorescent Colorants for Inks
"The advantage of the Xe-3 over our former machine is that it is simple and intuitive to operate: something that [the operators] can do for themselves with minimal instruction. The simple calibration procedures for the Xe-3 ensure that our results are accurate, which is vital when our results are being compared to those being generated in other labs. It is also notably quiet in its operation. I can also commend the support we received as the machine was being installed and readied for use. The folks from Q-Lab were most friendly and helpful."
Martin B., University Administrator
"Q-Lab's Q-SUN Xenon Tester and QUV Tester are very good weathering testers – reliable, stable, easy to maintain, and very importantly cost efficient! Highly recommended to all weathering laboratories."
Gang L., Business Development Manager - Major Testing Laboratory in China
"Weathering and light stability seminar – A well put together in-depth presentation. A fast way to get a good general knowledge on weathering and light stability, would definitely recommend!"
Andrew G., Materials Lab Technician – Major Japanese Automotive Manufacturer
"Q-Lab provides us good service, and makes our job easier"
Alex S., Automotive Services Manager – Major Testing Laboratory in China
"I am writing this letter to you in appreciation of the fine salt spray tester Q-Lab has produced. The Q-FOG SSP-600 unit we purchased was delivered to us right on time and was crated very well to avoid any shipping damage. The unit has been very simple to run on a daily basis. It requires a minimum amount of my time to service the unit each day and to check the panels that are run. The instructions for the operation of the unit are easy to understand and are logical in their presentation. We have to run our salt spray testing 365 days a year so I am very grateful for equipment that will be reliable and easy to maintain. I would highly recommend the purchase of the Q-FOG SSP-600 to any business requiring salt spray testing."
Tom S., Quality Manager - Global Leader in the Aluminum-Based Coatings Industry
"Many thanks for the great support (over the phone) and for your help putting the units into operation… we managed to operate both units perfectly."
Sebastiano D., Leading Global Test Laboratory in Germany
“We are extremely happy with our Q-SUN xenon arc tester from Q-Lab. As a result of our testing efforts, we were able to save more than $10,000 per month on UV stabilizers without sacrificing performance of our product. I would highly recommend the Q-SUN tester to anyone looking to reduce raw material costs, improve quality control, or increase the durability/lightfastness of their products.”
David P., Vice President – Global Leader in Synthetic Fibers
“Our Xe-3-HS just runs and runs; simply, reliably, dependably, day and night. Support and service is superb.”
R&D Manager, Major Architectural and Automotive Coatings Manufacturer
“Q Lab fully supports myself in ensuring that these vital UV weathering test machines are always running with new products…Spares and calibration are a paramount service to me as the person in charge of these units.”
Martin C., Site Services and Facilities Coordinator, Leading Global Provider of Roofing Products
“I love the [Q-FOG SSP-600] unit. It saves me a ton of time!”
Tom S, Quality Manager, Leading Aluminum Coatings Provider to the Aerospace Industry
“We are running multiple Q-SUN devices [for] five years for xenon weathering investigations of automotive projects. We have chosen Q-SUN because of its flexibility in sample dimension, convenience in maintenance and parameter setting.”
Andreas H., R&D Manager, Leading Global Engineered Coatings Provider





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